Conversations on the Couch with Peta Jolley

Conversations on the Couch with Peta Jolley By Peta Photography
Peta Jolley is a yoga loving, dog owning (hi Billie!), yummy mummy (hi Eva!) professional photographer. She lives life with a zest that would make lemons jealous. Peta is the creator of Dog Tails of Warrnambool, three volumes of these books have already raised thousands of dollars for the RSPCA. She loves dancing under the stars, re-enacting the moves from Dirty Dancing, as well as volunteering for Hospice in the Home. You always feel better for having spent time with her. Find her on Facebook or the Internet.

Just before Christmas, Peta and I sat down for this very real and raw conversation on the couch. It begins with the birth of her daughter Eva and ends with Peta's reflections of her life from the future perspective of her 80-year-old self - something not to be missed. Peta also shares her magical experiences and lessons learnt around her mother's recent death. This is an interview not to be missed. One million thanks to you Peta. x



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